20+ Years Experience

Experience Highlights

  • + Over 20 years of experience in private and public sector forestry
  • + Experienced with public relations and media (print, online, television and radio)
  • + Experienced in forestry-related education for both children and adults, up to the university level
  • + Experienced with fire and medical emergency response (all-risk)
  • +Extensive work with California environmental Regulations and Regulatory Compliance
  • +Experience with CEQA projects undergoing legal challenges
  • +Systems thinking, troubleshooting and process optimization
  • +Training and procedure development experience
  • +Experience in the writing/publishing world

Skills and Qualities

  • *Assisting parties in reaching agreements and finding common ground
  • *Solving novel problems in creative ways
  • *Using pattern recognition to apply known solutions to new problems
  • *Skilled troubleshooter
  • *Lifelong learner and teacher

Awards and Achievements

  • *California Registered Professional Forester #2759
  • *ASPCA Firefighter of the Year 2008
  • *Published Author


Humboldt State University

BS Forestry, Minor in Computer Information Services

Degree focus on forest management and information systems.


2010 - Current
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Forester II - Review Team Chair

  • Reviewed proposed harvesting plans for conformance with state and federal regulations; coordinated with other state and federal agencies to facilitate complete environmental review.
  • Reviewed reports from field CAL FIRE inspectors, state, and federal agencies as part of the environmental review process.
  • Communicated, both verbally and in writing, with the general public about forestry regulations and timber harvesting processes in order to ensure transparency.
  • Assisted with the development of Administrative Records for legal actions against the Department, including consultation with Attorney Generals office for the preparation of legal briefs and responses for court as a forestry expert.
  • Supervised Forester I performing same duties as performed under last position.
  • Active participant in department policy revision project.
  • All tasks associated with Forester I


2007 - 2010
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Forester I - Assistant Review Team Chair

  • Conducted first review of Timber Harvest Plans and Nonindustrial Timber Management Plans to determine compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Developed official responses to public concerns regarding harvest plans.
  • Attended preharvest inspections and prepared reports on findings.
  • Assisted with special projects including review team newsletter, revision of office procedures and statewide forester recruitment flyer.
  • Filled in as review team chair when needed.
2005 - 2007
CA Forest Products Commission (CFPC) & The Forest Foundation (TFF)

Director of Forestry

Provided technical consultation and project management support to the CFPC/TFF on a variety of important programs including:

  • Assisted with development and demonstration of the Visual Forester simulation program to students, industry and the general public.
  • Conducted internal forestry-related research, data compilation and technical support for ongoing communication, education and marketing activities of the CFPC/TFF.
  • Managed the CFPC/TFF website providing updates, maintenance, editorial and infrastructure development.
  • Acted as liaison with private industry, consulting and public agency foresters, biologists and other resource specialists on collaborative projects.
  • Participated as a member of the CFPC/TFF speakers bureau.
  • Facilitated CFPC/TFF forest tours, group presentations, conferences and other educational events.
2005 - 2007
Kent and Associates


Participated in development of timber management plans including:

  • Inventory
  • Growth and yield
  • Financial appraisal
  • THP development
  • Project scoping
1999 - 2004
Alpine Land Information Services Incorporated

Sustained Yield Forester, Director of Marketing and Sales

  • Supervised development of ownership-wide and district level sustained yield analysis for large industrial landowners, with individual assessment areas from 65,000 to 150,000 acres.
  • Assisted in Geographic Information System (GIS) development for long-term, sustained yield planning areas involving strategic level decisions; optimizing landscapes to balance growth and yield over time.
  • Executed daily operations of the growth and yield planning department, preparing a variety of analyses related to timber yield, growth, and long-term sustainability.
  • Mapped client ownership using GIS software; estimated standing timber and future growth using a variety of team-developed custom applications.
  • Directed company sales and marketing through conferences, presentations, website production and networking.
  • Instrumental in the development and unveiling of Visual Forester in the Classroom; a first-generation forest management simulator that included educational and training curriculum for school-based implementation.
  • Guest instructed at Humboldt State University for three semesters, teaching the growth and yield modeling portion of Forest Management and Decision Making, an upper division forestry course.